5 Sure Ways To Fix Yellow Toenails

tea tree oil yellow toenails
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Ugly Discoloration To Nails

Nobody has the perfect body. There are just going to be times when reactions to things that are put inside or on the skin or other parts of the body cause unsightly results. Nails can be particularly susceptible to this type of scenario. When nail polish is worn excessively, and nails are not permitted to breathe, discoloration is likely to ensue.

Furthermore, bacterial infiltration can produce ugly discoloration to the nails as well. There is no reason to be bashful about the situation, and the truth is that a solution is easy to achieve. The paragraphs below assemble some simple, fast, and accessible answers to fix yellow toenails. Keep reading to learn more!

how to get rid of yellow toenails

1Buffing, Soaking, And Thorough Scrubbing

Take a buff board and use it as a means to eliminate the top layer of the nail's surface that shows staining. If discoloration has only recently become apparent to you, this first attempt with a buffing board may be sufficient to solve the issue. Be careful not to remove too much through buffing because you run the risk of weakening the nails in a significant way. However, you may find this step to be enough to rid yourself of relatively minor yellowing.

Combine water together with some hydrogen peroxide (three percent) and use a toothbrush to start scrubbing. There are two ways to proceed after this: You may choose to rub the yellow nails with the toothbrush dipped in the mixture as a method of resolving the problem. Alternatively, you may take the peroxide and water mixture and dip the nails fully into it for up to ten minutes or the time it takes for the discoloration to disappear, whichever is shorter.

hydrogren peroxide for yellow toenails

2Lemon Juice And Denture Cleansers

There is no doubt that lemon juice can be a useful tool in the eradication of yellow nails. Of course, like most acidic substances, care must be taken so that the nails or other surfaces are not immersed in it for a lengthy period. There are two options at this point: You can use a real lemon sliced in half to work the juice into individual nails for up to a minute. Or you may decide to soak a cotton ball with lemon juice and rub the affected nails until they are coated. Then, allow the nails to rest for anywhere up to half an hour before rinsing thoroughly with water.

Tablets designed to clean dentures are great for whitening and freshening the teeth; though, they can have the same functionality when used to address nail issues. Simply dissolve two to four tablets in some water and then soak your nails in the solution for 10-15 minutes. The nails can then be patted dry and treated to a bit of moisturizer. To ensure the greatest effectiveness, repeat these steps thrice weekly for up to two months.

hydrogren peroxide for yellow toenails

3Polish And Clear Basecoats

Those with yellow nails are often advised to cease frequently applying dark polishes. Though, lots of folks love the look of burgundy or even black nail lacquers every now and then. But using dark hues on a regular basis is known to produce noticeable discoloration. Make an effort to swap dark polishes for lighter ones when possible or even skip the polish altogether sometimes as a way to let the nails recover and regenerate.

The truth of the matter is that basecoats really do have a reason for being. While many think of these products as nothing more than a revenue generator for cosmetics companies, they actually do serve a purpose. A basecoat places a protective covering on the nail itself and under the colored polish. This step can prevent discoloration and promote nail health. There are even basecoats on the market designed to address discolored and weak nails prior to the application of color.

how to get rid of yellow toenails

4Fabulous Fruits

Perhaps you are among those who truly believe in the power of food and good eating to address any number of ills. In addition to lemons, it is also possible to use juniper berries and oranges in the fight against yellow nails. Every time you enjoy an orange, save the peels and use them to rub each nail and repeat the process three times a day. Positive results are likely to emerge within just a few short weeks.

Juniper berry is also a useful tool in the battle against discolored nails. Crush a teaspoon of the berries and place them in warm water. Soak the nails and repeat once more before the day's end. In addition to helping the nails get healthier, the fragrance is divine!

how to get rid of yellow toenails

5Tea Tree Treatment And Whitening Products

Some people have yellow discoloration due to excessive nail polish use. But for those whose yellow discoloration is not the result of this, the trouble may be traceable to a fungus. There's a home remedy for this dilemma.

It involves lacing a bit of tea tree oil on each nail bed. Allow it to sink in for a bit and rinse with warm water. The most noticeable results will be achieved if the process is done two times per day for several months.

hydrogren peroxide for yellow toenails

When nail polish is not an option due to nail discoloration concerns, but vanity has you seeking an alternative solution, consider using a whitening scrub. You can also use a pencil from a cosmetics store or pharmacy. Because the point is to have beautiful, white nails, even a tooth whitening product would likely help.

Cutting tooth strips to the proper size to fix yellow toenails may sound exasperating. The cost may seem a bit high. However, the outcome will surely be preferable to fix yellow fingernails by a long shot.

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  • hydrogren peroxide for yellow toenails
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  •  lemon juice for yellow toenails